Honors (Pre-AP) Chemistry 1

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Honors Chemistry 1 is a course designed for high school students in grades 10-12. Topics studied include laboratory, measurement, matter, thermochemistry (heat), atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, electronic structure, the periodic table and periodicity, naming compounds and writing chemical formulas, covalent bonding and molecular geometry, intermolecular forces, the mole, solutions, chemical reactions, oxidation and reduction (REDOX) reactions, stoichiometry, gases, kinetics, equilibrium, and acids and bases. The course is supported by an interactive laboratory environment where students gain hands-on experience with the concepts being studied. The content of the course exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for high school chemistry.

Mr. Bigler does not teach chemistry at LEHS. This page is left up so that the resources on it are available to interested students.

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