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Physics 1 is a course designed for high school students in grades 11 & 12. Topics studied include mechanics, heat, electricity & magnetism, waves & optics, fluid mechanics, and atomic & particle physics. The course requires that students be able to describe and solve problems using algebra. The course also requires basic trigonometry and vector math, but these topics are taught at the beginning of the course. The course is supported by an interactive laboratory environment where students gain hands-on experience with the concepts being studied. The content of the course exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for high school physics.

LPS & LEHS Documents

Text & Reference

  • Physics 1 Class Notes (your class notes for the entire year; 495 pages)
    • downloadable PDF file (10.0 MB)
    • paperback book self-published using CreateSpace. List price is $14.99 plus shipping. If you are one of my students, be sure to ask for a discount code.
  • Physics Reference Tables (your formula & reference sheet for the entire year)
  • MOODLE Site



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