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The LEHS Science Team is for students who are interested in science and enjoy opportunities to compete against students from other schools.

The Science Team is a member of the North Shore Science League, which holds monthly science competitions at area high schools. Each competition consists of three separate events on science-related topics, including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, Earth science, astronomy, current events, and "instant invention". Some events involve building a device or performing an experiment, while others involve answering questions on a science-related topic.

Besides the League, there are other science-related competitions and activities throughout the school year that team members may participate in, depending on their availability and interest.

The team is open to any student who is interested in science, and new members are welcome any time during the school year.

Attention Members

New members should fill out the Member Information Form.

All members need to fill out and have their parents sign the Permission Slip, which includes permission to travel by school bus to the competitions and to work with power tools under Mr. Bigler's supervision.

Check out the T-shirt design.

Meeting Days

The science team meets on Tuesdays after school in room 304. The times and locations of study/build sessions for specific events are determined by the event captains.

If you are interested in joining the team, stop by or talk to Mr. Bigler (click to reveal email address) or team captain Heather Cummings.

Next Competition

Date: Tuesday October 14, 2014
Location: Lynn English High School. Please come to room 304 promptly after school to help set up.

October Events:

  • Instant Invention: [forum link not available] At the meet, teams will receive materials, directions and rules concerning an invention that they must create.

  • Subatomic Particles: [forum link not available] Paper and pencil event consisting of 45 questions about subatomic particle types and classification, how particles are found and identified, the materials used to find the particles, current particle research, labs associated with particle research, particle properties, and nuclear reactions. Ties will be broken by the fastest time of completion. No references of any sort (paper or electronic) will be permitted.

  • Endangered Species: [forum link not available] Paper and pencli event consisting of 40 questions worth 1 point each about identities of endangered species, causes & conditions that led to endangered status, facts about the Endangered Species Act, species that have come off the list, environmental factors that affect endangered species, threatened vs. endangered, and the relationship between endang ered and indicator species. In addition, the team gets an additional 5 points if at least one member of the team is dressed in costume as an endangered organism. (The costume should cover at least half of the body, should include some sort of headgear, the species should be easily be identifiable, and the person wearing the costume should be able to explain why this organism is on the endangered list.)



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