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Personal Information

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Photo Permission

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Subject Knowledge

Please list science classes that you have taken, including the level (e.g., regular, honors, AP)


Rate your knowledge and interest level in the following subject areas:

Knowledge Interest
Earth & Planetary Science

There are three types of events at science meets:

  • Pre-Build: Build a device that has to perform a specific function and compete against other teams' devices.
  • Memorization & Identification: Study a particular sub-topic and answer up to 50 questions about it. Some events may involve proceeding through stations that have physical objects to identify (minerals, animal pelts, leaves, etc.)
  • Instant Invention: Bring a kit with generic items and use the kit to quickly design and build a device that must perform a specific function. (Usually you have 20-25 minutes to design and build your invention.)
Skill Level Interest
Instant Invention

Other Skills

Please describe any experience you have with the following:

  1. Designing & building things (e.g., theater set crew):

  2. Working with hand tools:

  3. Working with electric circuits or electronics:

  4. Programming/coding:

  5. Other areas of expertise that might be helpful to the team:


Are you available most Tuesdays after school?    yes       no

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