The Class Archivist

The Class Archivist

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The Class Archivist is responsible for maintaining the class archive of notes and papers, the assignment calendar, and setting aside copies of handouts for students who are absent. This is a one-week rotating job. Each archivist receives two "mole points" of extra credit for completing the job.
The archivist's duties are:


The class binder is the "bible" of notes and papers for the class.
  1. Distribute any missed work slips and packets to returning students.
  2. Put the following into the binder for each day of class

Assignment Calendar

Write down each assignment on its due date on the assignment calendar at the back of the room.

Absent Students

For each student who is absent:

Job Transition

On the last class day of your archivist week:
  1. Remind the following week's archivist that it's that person's turn.
  2. Show me your completed archive and collect your two mole points.

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