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Grades are posted in the classroom. Your grades will be listed under your student ID number and this alias so you can find them more easily. (Don't stress about what to pick--you can change it any time you want by just telling me.)

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Photo Permission

If I take a picture of a lab or activity that includes you, may I use the picture (without your name) in a post on my blog (

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Previous Math/Science Classes

Please list your most recent math and science classes and your final grades in both (to the best of your recollection). This will give me an idea of where your strengths are and where you might need help.

Time Commitments

Please list anything besides academics that will be making demands on your time (sports, jobs, activities, family obligations, etc.). Please mention which days of the week are affected, if relevant.

Please fill in the following table with the approximate number of hours you spend on each type of activity in a typical week. If you use the TAB key to move from one cell to the next, your browser will calculate the total number of hours as you type.

Activity Hours per Week
School (7:55-2:30 Monday-Friday)
Homework (usually 1-2 hours/week per class; 4-6 hours/week per AP class)
Extra-curricular activities at school (sports, clubs, drama, band/orchestra, etc.)
Activities outside of school (sports, church, youth groups, music lessons, etc.
Job and/or child care/family responsibilities (typical week)

Time Commitments: hours/week.

How often are you stressed because of your schedule?


Please tell me anything you're particularly proud of and would like me to know.


Please tell me what you're most worried/concerned about when you take physics.


Are there any accommodations (such as extra time, help with organizing, etc.) that you feel you need in order to be successful? Please list everything that you think you need, regardless of whether or not you have an IEP or section 504 plan.

Anything else a teacher should know?

Please describe anything else you think I should know in order to help you be successful.

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