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Please check the appropriate boxes for each item that you believe you have included in your lab report. (Note that not all of the boxes apply to every lab report. Please check only boxes for things that are actually in your report--remember that you get points for accurate self-assessment!) If there are items that don't apply to this experiment, just leave them unchecked. Click the "Submit" button when you are finished.

Title & Author

title relates to experiment
title is descriptive (some mention of materials and what was done)
name(s) of lab partner(s) listed


summarizes procedure, including key materials
summarizes results
summarizes analysis & likely sources of error (if any)
concise (no more than 200 words)
past tense


summarizes background
describes problem/motivation for experiment
objective of experiment clearly stated
all information cited appropriately

Materials & Methods

conveys experimental procedure
includes adequate detail
free from errors (describes procedure as performed)
describes what was done (independent variable) and what was observed/measured/tested (dependent variables)
negative & positive controls included
all key materials & equipment included
all chemicals fully described (names, formulas, concentrations, quantities)
correct format (narrative paragraphs, materials mentioned within procedure and not listed separately)
past tense


complete data included
all measurements include correct units
all data recorded to sufficient precision (usually 3 significant figures)
data organized into tables & charts for easy interpretation
all figures, tables & diagrams labeled/described adequately, including titles
figures & tables numbered independently & sequentially and mentioned/introduced in text
columns of tables and axes of graphs contain labels & titles
section does not include interpretations/conclusions


analysis of results included
analysis correct & follows from data
calculations/formulas shown
significant figures correct in calculations
calculations done correctly
units labeled correctly
percent error included
published values given & cited
possible sources of error described
section free from factual/conceptual errors


evaluates whether objective of experiment was met
gives suggestions for future experiments

Works Cited

all sources listed
full bibliographic info given (author, title, publisher/URL, date, pages)
all information from outside sources cited properly

Writing, Grammar, Spelling

all sections clearly labeled and in correct order
all information in appropriate section of report
appropriate terminology/vocabulary used
free from spelling, grammatical or typographical errors
free from first or second person pronouns (e.g., I, you, my, your, etc.) and contractions

Appearance, Timeliness, Etc.

text of report typed
figures and graphs neat & legible
turned in on time (2 points)
turned in no more than 2 days late (5 points)
rubric sheet completed
student's rubric sheet agrees with teacher's (+/- 5 items)

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