Welcome to Mr. Bigler's Moodle site. This site serves as the syllabus or curriculum guide for each of the courses that Mr. Bigler teaches. Content for each course includes:

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  • Web-based resources, including instructional videos, relating to each topic
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    Physics I is a course designed for high school students in grades 11 & 12. Topics studied include motion, forces, momentum, energy, heat, electricity & magnetism, waves & optics, fluid mechanics, and atomic & particle physics. The course requires that students be comfortable describing and solving real-world problems using algebra and basic trigonometry. The course also requires vector math, but this topic is taught at the beginning of the course. The course is supported by an interactive, inquiry-based laboratory environment where students gain hands-on experience with the concepts being studied. The content of the course course exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for high school physics and is recommended for students who are planning to take AP Physics and/or the SAT subject test in physics.

    Advanced Placement Chemistry is a rigorous second-year chemistry course for students who have completed Chemistry I at the honors level. According to many college professors, AP Chemistry is equivalent to eight credits (two semesters) of a college honors chemistry course intended for chemistry majors. The course covers several topics not usually covered in Chemistry I, such as thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibrium, electrochemistry, and organic chemistry. This course prepares students to take the College Board's AP Chemistry Exam in May.

    Chemistry I (sometimes called pre-AP chemistry) is a first-year chemistry course that exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Education for high school chemistry. Topics studied in Chemistry I include measurement, matter, energy & heat, gases, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, electronic structure, periodicity & the periodic table, chemical formulas & nomenclature, covalent bonding & molecular geometry, intermolecular forces, solutions, chemical reactions & equations, oxidation & reduction, the mole, stoichiometry, kinetics & equilibrium, and acids & bases. Chemistry I prepares students to take AP Chemistry and/or the SAT subject test in chemistry.