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Updated Notes Packets

Mr. Bigler in 2010
Updated Notes Packets
by Mr. Bigler - Monday, 16 January 2012, 10:55 AM
After I teach a topic, I usually think of things I wish I had taught differently. As I help people one-on-one, I often think of things I wish I had said in class or included in the class notes. For this reason, I try to go back and add to the notes packets while my ideas are still fresh in my mind.

As I look back on topics from this Fall, one ofthe success was the "make up a momentum problem and give it to someone else to solve" activity. The success of this activity made me realize that several of the notes packets needed more explicit descriptions of "how to solve these kinds of problems".

Here are the notes packets for which I've made some (I hope) useful enough changes to make it worth taking a second look:

You don't necessarily need to reprint these, but you might want to look at them on your computer to see whether you find the added information to be useful.