Stoichiometry Challenge Problem #2

Compound X is the binary compound vanadium (V) bromide.  Compound X reacts with ammonium sulfate according to the reaction:

X + (NH4)2SO4 → NH4Br + V2(SO4)5

  1. What is the formula for compound X?
  2. What is the balanced equation?
  3. If 270 g of compound X reacts with 0.83 L of a 3.0M solution of (NH4)2SO4, which reactant is limiting?
  4. How many moles of V2(SO4)5 would be made?
  5. How many moles of NH4Br would be made?
  6. How many moles of the non-limiting reactant would be left over?
  7. The above reaction is performed and the percent yield of V2(SO4)5 is found to be 72%. How many grams of V2(SO4)5 were actually recovered?
  8. How many moles of V2(SO4)5 were actually recovered?
  9. How many moles of (NH4)2SO4 and how many moles of compound X actually reacted?
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