C1 Chemistry I Final Project

Your final project will consist of six packets, each covering one of the major topics #1–6 from the Massachusetts Department of Education’s High School Chemistry frameworks. A description of what to include for each packet appears below.

You will be allowed to use only these packets during the end-of-year exam given during final exam week.

Packet Contents

  1. Reproduce the section (including all subsections) from the Mass. DOE Frameworks.
  2. Detailed description/explanation of all subsections. (Probably 2–3 pages of notes.) You can copy & paste these from the various notes files (MSWord documents) on the Moodle site.
  3. Minimum of four (4) relevant multiple choice questions from old MCAS exams, with the correct answer listed for each question.
  4. One (1) open response question from an old MCAS exam, with a complete and correct answer.
Note: copies of MCAS exams from 2004–2008 are in the “Tests Directory” under the last topic (topic #21) on the Moodle site and on the Mass. DOE website.

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