Coëfficient of Kinetic Friction of a Scooter

Coëfficient of Kinetic Friction of a Scooter


Calculate the coëfficient of kinetic friction (μk) of a scooter coasting to a stop.


You will have to determine the experimental plan for yourself. Here are some guidelines to help you do that:

  • You need to figure out which quantities you need to measure and then measure them.
  • The only formula that has μk in it is:

Ff = μkFN

So this means you will need to take measurements in order to calculate Ff and FN.

Note that for your write-up, the sketch of your experimental setup will be the force diagram for the situation in the experiment.

Class Data:

You should write up the experiment using data from your class:

Person Class Weight with bike (lb.) Mass with bike (kg) Weight with bike (N) Distance (ft) Distance (m) Time (s) acceleration (m/s2) Friction (N) Coefficient of Kinetic Friction
m Fg = FN d t a Ff μk
Josh E 198.5 190.7 40
Joe G. E 170 209.6 34
Sylvia E 159.5 112.8 23
Chris E 247.5 229.8 44
Mr. Stretchy A 28 74.0 16.3
Wilson A 194.5 213.0 38.0
Mr. Bigler A 220.5 106.3 30.3
lb. × 2.2046 = kg ft. × 0.3048 = m
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