Electricity & Magnetism Demonstration List

Electricity & Magnetism Demonstration List

Static Charge:

  • charged balloon sticking to wall (draw on one side of balloon to show that charges do not move)
  • charged balloon making hairs repel
  • charged balloon pushing meter stick
  • leyden jar
  • Wimshurst machine
  • Van de Graaff generator
  • Van de Graaff generator with inertia balance

Electric Potential

  • students holding copper pipe in one hand and zinc-coated steel pipe in other--measure with voltmeter.  (Can chain students together.)

DC Circuits:

  • light bulbs & switches
  • how a fuse works

Electricity & Magnetism:

  • electric motor
  • Lenz's law (magnets through copper tube)
  • electromagnet

Demos from Other Sources


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