• Honors Chemistry 1

    Honors Chemistry I (sometimes called pre-AP chemistry) is a first-year chemistry course that exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Education for high school chemistry. Topics studied include measurement, matter, energy & heat, gases, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, electronic structure, periodicity & the periodic table, chemical formulas & nomenclature, covalent bonding & molecular geometry, intermolecular forces, solutions, chemical reactions & equations, oxidation & reduction, the mole, stoichiometry, kinetics & equilibrium, and acids & bases. Honors Chemistry I prepares students to take AP Chemistry and/or the SAT subject test in chemistry.

  • Chapters 2 & 13

    Phases, mixtures vs. pure substances, chemical & physical properties, chemical & physical changes, separations, phase diagrams.

MeasurementEnergy, Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics