• Physics 1

    Physics 1 is designed for high school students in grades 11 & 12. Topics studied include kinematics (motion), dynamics (forces), energy, linear momentum, electricity & magnetism, waves, and thermal physics (heat). The course requires that students be comfortable describing and solving real-world problems using algebra and basic trigonometry. The course also requires vector math, but this topic is taught at the beginning of the course. The course is supported by an interactive, inquiry-based laboratory environment where students gain hands-on experience with the concepts being studied. The content of the course course exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for high school physics.

  • Kinematics (Motion)

    Notes pp. 79–102

    In this topic, you will study how things move and how the relevant quantities are related.

    • Motion, Speed & Velocity and Acceleration deal with understanding and calculating the velocity (change in position) and acceleration (change in velocity) of an object, and with representing and interpreting graphs involving these quantities.
    • Projectile Motion deals with an object that has two-dimensional motion—moving horizontally and also affected by gravity.

    Skills learned & applied in this topic:

    • Choosing from a set of equations based on the quantities present.
    • Working with vector quantities.
    • Relating the slope of a graph and the area under a graph to equations.
    • Using graphs to represent and calculate quantities.
    • Keeping track of things happening in two directions at once.
MathematicsDynamics (Forces) & Gravitation