• AP Physics 1

    AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based covers topics and concepts typically included in the first semester of an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course.  Topics include kinematics (motion), dynamics (forces), circular motion & gravitation, simple harmonic motion, momentum & impulse, energy & work, rotational motion & torque, electric charge & electric force, DC circuits (resistors only), and mechanical waves & sound.  The course focuses on high-level understanding of concepts, experimental design and critical thinking, and prepares students for the AP Physics 1 exam in May.

  • Kinematics (Motion)

    Coletta Ch. 14, pp. 16117

    Notes pp. 133–199

    In this topic, you will study how things move and how the relevant quantities are related.

    • Motion, Speed & Velocity and Acceleration deal with understanding and calculating the velocity (change in position) and acceleration (change in velocity) of an object, and with representing and interpreting graphs involving these quantities.
    • Projectile Motion deals with an object that has two-dimensional motion—moving horizontally and also affected by gravity.

    Skills learned & applied in this topic:

    • Choosing from a set of equations based on the quantities present.
    • Working with vector quantities.
    • Relating the slope of a graph and the area under a graph to equations.
    • Using graphs to represent and calculate quantities.
    • Keeping track of things happening in two directions at once.
MathematicsDynamics (Forces) & Gravitation