• AP Physics 2

    AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based is a second-year physics course designed for high school students in grade 12 who have completed AP Physics 1.  The course covers topics and concepts typically included in the second semester of an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course.  Topics include  fluid statics & fluid dynamics, thermal physics & thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism (including RC circuits and electromagnetic induction), light & optics, and modern (quantum, atomic & nuclear) physics.  The course focuses on high-level understanding of concepts, experimental design and critical thinking, and prepares students for the AP Physics 2 exam in May.

  • Summer Assignment

    The goals of the summer assignment are:

    1. To expose you to AP questions in topics that we covered in Physics 1
    2. To get you started thinking about problem solving and designing experiments.
    3. To weed out anyone who's not serious about putting effort into the class.