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These are an assortment of things that I have found, developed and/or used, that other teachers may find useful.

Materials I Have Created

  • Developing Inquiry-Based Experiments in High School Chemistry: a manual for turning "cookbook" experiments into inquiry-based experiments. The manual is based on chemistry experiments, but the approach would also work for other disciplines.
  • Excel Periodic Table: a version of the periodic table created in Microsoft Excel, to make it easy to change/edit which information is displayed.
  • Grade Scaling Systems: a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that gives several options for scaling grades, given a set of raw scores and a desired class average. The results of each system are displayed in tables and pie charts.
  • Classroom Signs: a PDF of a Microsoft PowerPoint document containing the random, sometimes weird, sometimes motivational signs that I have posted in my classroom.
  • Feedback Form & Feedback Data Analysis spreadsheet: this is the form I use for solicitng feedback from my students and the Excel spreadsheet I use to plot the data. The stacked bar graphs look like the following data from my classes (first semester 2009-10).
  • Excel grade sheet: this is a WinZip file containing a Microsoft Excel grade book spreadsheet I developed several years ago. (I've since had to use other commercial grading software, but I think the Excel spreadsheet did a better job of calculating grades flexibly and recommending comments based on some simple formulas.) Warning: if you're not comfortable working with Excel formulas, you may need some help implementing it.
  • Test Strategies and other advice that I give my students.

Best Practices

Materials From Others



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